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Hi and welcome to my website.  I am a massive cat lover and have owned indoor and outdoor cats. I currently own three indoor cats which has brought me to making this website to inform you of the great activity centres for cats.  It will also give you other information on indoor cats and what can keep them active and happy.

Cats have a natural urge to scratch whether it is the carpet, the sofa or the walls.  A Cat activity centre acts as a way to allow your cat to take that urge out on big scratching posts as well as giving them various places to sleep and a place to play.  They are especially handy if you have an indoor cat or cats or an outdoor cat that spends most of his/her time indoors.  Every cat needs a scratching post but an activity centre gives them a place to scratch, play and sleep all in one.

This is the cat activity centre I have in my house.

Of course you do not have to buy a massive cat activity centre if you only have a small space to put one.  There are different sizes available which can be seen in my posts large and small cat activity centres.  I also find online the best place to buy cat activity centres as although the in store ones are still good quality you tend to pay quite a lot for just a very small scratching post.

I have had three activity centres since I got my first cat Chewy.  I started with a small one as he was just a kitten but then last year I adopted two more kittens (6 weeks old) and as they were so young and could not go outside I invested in a larger cat activity centre which did the job perfectly at keeping them all happy and away from the sofas!

Once the kittens became…..well not kittens anymore, I found the cat activity centre I had a bit too small for the cats as they are indoor cats and it was getting a bit wobbly.  So I purchased a very large activity centre and the cats are now more interested in that then me!  Of course as both I and my partner both work it helps to know they are not getting up to mischief when we are out of the house as the activity centre keeps them amused.

Hopefully this website can inform you on some of the best cat activity centres I have purchased that you might like too as well as others out there.  If you are looking at owning an indoor cat take a look at my indoor cats post and my other posts are all related to keeping indoor cats happy and healthy.

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