A Cat DVD offer hours of fun!

A cat DVD is a dvd that you can just put on for your cat and it will keep them mesmerised for hours.  It has scenes filled with birds, fish, mice, ducks, cats and other animals that will get your cat’s adrenaline going.  Here are a few pictures of my cats watching their dvd and the simpsons!!


At first I was a bit sceptical.  I did not think my cats would be interested at all. But they are not expensive to buy so thought I would give it a go.  My boy cat Fudge is not really that interested but as you can see Ellie (tabby one) gets a little addicted and my other girl Pixie does become interested sometime.  I definitely think it is worth trying as if you’re popping out for an hour you can leave it in for your cats and it helps them feel relaxed as they can still hear noise and also allows them to let out their natural instinct side seeing the birds and ducks etc. 

Here is a video of Ellie watching her cat DVD.


 Of course where as some cats will not be interested others, like Ellie, can become a little addicted.  Ellie now sits in front of the TV when programs like the Simpsons come on.  This is where you have to watch your cat does not become to mesmerised with the TV and keep them active when you are in so they do not become overweight.

Cat DVD  Feline Frolics is the cat DVD I own.  For two of my three cats it has worked a treat.  If your cats enjoy it though I would advise purchasing a different one as well as the noises can get a bit repetitive after the hundredth time you put it on for your cats!

A few other dvds are: