Cat Radiator Beds

Cat radiator beds = happy kitty!

Cat radiator beds are an ideal and comfy place for your cat to sleep.  It has a strong metal frame which attaches to the radiator and a warm comfy cover which provides your cat with warmth and comfort.  Here are mine enjoying their cat radiator beds :)


When I brought my first cat radiator bed I was a little optimistic.  I thought to myself how can a cat fit on one?  Won't it break easily?  Will they use it?  Will it be comfortable enough for them?  I brought one off the web as it was quite cheap so I thought I would give it a go……..a month later I had to buy another one as two of my cats would argue over who slept in it……..sometimes jumping in it together as they both loved it so much.  I now have on in my living room and one in my bedroom. 

  Cat Radiator Beds  Cat Radiator Beds

You can get cat radiator beds in all different sizes and colours.  It is always best to check the sizes of the beds as well before buying as they do come in different sizes andif you only have a small radiator and or have a very large cat you do not want one turning up that won't fit.  Most cat radiator beds fit any size cat though.  I should know as we adopted our cat Ellie who had been a pregnant stray so when we got her she was quite big from where she had not lost the weight….she fits on the bed perfectly.  Here are some of the the radiator beds you can purchase:

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Cat Radiator Beds

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