Cat Scratching Post

A cat scratching post does not have to be large!

You do not have to buy a large post to keep your cat occupied or give them somewhere to sleep.  There are smaller ones of a cat scratching post out there which fit better in your house that still accomplish everything a larger activity centre does.  Here are some examples of a few smaller ones:

Cat scratching postThis one gives your cat a ledge to jump on as well as a scratching post to scratch and a ball to play with as well as a tunnel to lay down in and play in or sleep in.

This one is the Ancol Wedgy Cat Scratcher Activity Centre.  It has an actual box with a hole in for your cat to go inside and sleep in as well as the small cat scratching post to allow them to claw away at something other than the sofa and the three balls to play with.


This one is the Deluxe Grey Paw Print 4 Tier Cat Activity Centre & Scratching Tree/Post.  It is a miniature one of the one on the large cat scratching post page as it still has one outside bed for your cat to lay in as well and the box for your at to sleep inside.  It has a few more tiers for your cat to climb up as well as a rope for them to play with.  If your looking for something a little bigger than the smallest cat scratching post then this one is perfect as once again it does not take up too much space and is big enough for two small cats or a couple of cas to share.

All of these cat scratching post items are perfect for kittens.  It will help teach them to scratch the posts not your furniture and give them a hide away if you have people round and give them a place to play befoe they are able to go outside.

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