Cat Toys

Cat toys……all our feline friends deserve them :)

Cat toys are not only designed to give your pet hours of fun but they are also there to develop their cognitive and motor skills.  It is also a good way to get more than one cat to interact with each other and if they are indoor cats it allows them to still use their instincitve hunting skills that sometimes they will be raring to let out.  Sometimes cats like to play with bigger cat toys such as tunnels and even cardboard boxes but other times simple toys such as a piece of string or small mouse keeps your cat just as amused if not more.  Here ae some of the products I would recommend taking a look at:

Larger toys:

Cat toys Cat toys

These cat toys are play tunnels.  Cats absolutley love to run through them on their own when they think they are chasing something or they love to chase each other through them if you have multiple cats.  Also because inside they can be dark and warm they love to also use it as a place to hide away and sleep.  Some of the tunnels have a small toy hanging off the end as an extra amusement for your cat.  Overall I would rate this one of the best larger toys for your cats along side the cait design senses toys.


Smaller Toys:

Cat toys These are wonderful cat toys.  They come with all different things on the end for example mice, balls, bugs or it might just have a long piece of material on the end but when you pull it along the floor or move it in the air just watch your cat jump, pounce and roll around after it!

Cat toys I find with these little toys that my cats do not play with them all the time but at least once a day they will spot the mouse in the corner of a room (or where ever they last left it) and start playing with it usng their hnting skills.  They loved it so much their last one had to be replaced as they clawed it and threw it around so much they ripped it apart (the poor little thing!).  Some you can buy also make a squeak noise to make it even more realistic.

Cat toys The last toys I would recommend would be small toy balls.  My cats love these.  I place one in every room and everytime they walk past one they stat playing football with it.  They can come in all shapes and sizes and you can get ones that have catnip inside to give your cat the added bonus to playing with the ball.  They can also come with bells etc inside so it makes a noise for them.

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