Catit Design Senses

Catit Design Senses are fantastic toys for your cats.

Catit Design Senses are a collection of innovative cat products designed to enrich a cat's life by stimulating all of his/her senses.  There are a number of different products that will keep your cat/s active and allow indoor cats to use their natural instincts.

Catit design sensesThis is the catit design senses speed circuit.  If your cat finds him/herself bored this brilliantly simple toy will keep them occupied.  A motion-sensitive flashing ball moves freely up and down the winding track as your cat bats it back and forth. The track is only open at certain points, so the ball can’t be taken out (at least, not if you have paws). So it will simply roll up and down the rollercoaster track – flashing as it goes – making an exciting moving target for your cat to toy with.  It can also be linked as a circular shape as well as an S shape.  If you want to make it longer than you can buy another one and add it on.

Catit design sensesThis is the Catit Design Senses Food Maze.  Hagen’s Catit Design Senses Food Maze is designed to appeal to your cat’s senses and help to control overeating or obesity problems. Maze features side openings through which the cat moves the food until it finally drops down into the bottom food tray. Level of difficulty can be adjusted by a rotating disc which increases/decreases the openings. And it comes with an Acupressure Mat which provides pressure point paw massage.

Catit design sensesThe Grass Garden brings the outside world inside to your cat. Grass is a natural source of fiber, and has been known to aid cat's digestion and help prevent hairball build-ups. With the Catit Grass Garden you are allowing your cat to have a proper area to explore nature. If you live in an area that is a dessert or winter climate where grass doesn’t flourish then the Catit Grass Garden is an ideal way to prevent your cat from missing out on some important nutrients.

Catit design sensesThe Catit Play Circuit features four blue and white plastic tracks with two ends. Its peek-a-boo track design allows your cat to see, chase and swat. Includes a gray and green ball, specifically designed to attract your cat's attention. The Catit Play Circuit incorporates sight, sound and touch senses, and is specially designed to entice, engage and entertain a cat while appealing to his natural hunting instincts.

Catit design sensesThe Catit Senses Scratch Pad appeals to your cat's sense of touch, providing the scratching surface he instinctively needs. The pad's unique, extra thick design has cut-outs in which catnip or treats can be added for multi-sensory appeal and which offer a fun "hunt and play" element. You can buy additional cutouts for your scratch pad which come in different designs and colors, so you can constantly stimulate your cats mind.

Catit design sensesThis is the Catit Design Senses Massage Center/  With a variety of sculpted textures and surfaces, it provides a cat with the ultimate pampering and massage experience. Catnip can be added to heighten the sensory experience. The Massage Center is the ideal way for your cat to scratch its own back for those spots that its owner might miss. It is the ideal “day at the spa” type toy for your cat.

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