Indoor Cats

Indoor cats can make the best of friends :)

Indoor cats can be just as happy as cats that venture outside.  Certain things have to be taken into account though to ensure that your cat or cats stay healthy and have fun still.

Indoor cats

When keeping indoor cats there are certain things you should do:

 1.  Cat litter boxes are the most important thing when it comes to hygiene.  Put a cat litter box in a quiet place and clean it regularly as cats are very clean and understandably do not want to go in a dirty tray.  They need a quiet place as like people they do not like to go in front of anyone. Also if you have more than one cat it is best to have one per cat you have so I have three cats so have three cat litter boxes.  I have a cat litter box like this.  It is a hooded cat litter tray  and keeps odours away and allows them the privacy they want to go:

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2.  Indoor cats should be allowed space.  So if you do not want your cat in a particular room just shut that door and give them access to the rest of the house.  Without space they can not get as much exercise which will cause them to become overweight.  It can also cause them to become withdrawn as they get bored if there is limited space.

 3.  Allowing your cat access to multipe cat beds is important.  They do not neccessarily have to be a cat bed but an area where a cat can lay. Different views are good for your cat as well so for example I have a large cat scratching post allowing them access to a high bed which enables them to look outside, I have a couple of radiator beds, one upstairs and one downstairs, which gives them a middle off the floor bed and I have a few floor cat beds which allows them to hide away and sleep on the ground. I have a couple upstairs shown in the picture below where they sleep at night then a couple dotted around different rooms of the house.

Indoor cats


4.  A cat scratching post is essential.  Take a look at my other pages on large cat scratching post and cat scratching post as I show a range of different sizes that are available although there are hundreds of different ones out there.  You should have a few throughout the house so your cat or cats can sharpen their claws and mark their territory.  The bigger ones come in handy as sleeping places for your cat as well like Fudge shows below.

Indoor cats

5.  Activities for your indoor cats are vital or else they can become withdrawn, overweight and their personality can even change.  Activities can include the Catit Desgn Senses toys I have mentioned on my pages recommended products from and recommended products from, toy mouses, or even activites you can involved with for example my partner plays with the feather duster with the cats…..they absolutley love it! Here is an example of one of the toys my cats play with:



6. Flea treatment should still be given to indoor cats on a monthly basis as all it takes it for yourself to bring one flea into the house for your cats to get and you will have a flea infestation on your hands as they multiple quickly.

7. Lastly your cat should not be left for hours on end on their own and they should have plenty of interaction with you when you are at home.  Your home should be made safe as well as although they are protected from outside dangers there are many dangers inside such as bleaches and sharp corners.

Feel free to leave any advice you have from having indoor cats or any information you have on activities for indoor cats etc.

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Indoor Cats

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