Large Cat Scratching Post

Large cat scratching posts are the best for indoor cats!

If you have a big enough space for a large cat scratching post I would strongly recommend getting one if you have more than one cat.  They are the best thing I have ever purchased for mine.  This one is the first one I purchased and although I have a bigger one now I still have this one in the house as well just as I have the space to have this one in a different room:

Large cat scratching post

It had enough space for my two youngest to fit inside the top or my eldest cat on his own to fit in the top.  They loved playing with the rope and the mouse which is attached to the rope.  Here are some pictures of my cats asleep on this one:

    Large cat scratching post Large cat scratching post Large cat scratching post

At the moment Amazon are out of stock of the one I brought first a few years back but the one below is just as good if not better!

Cat Tree

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The large cat scratching post I had first was perfect so start with but with three full grown cats it started to get a little wobbly and I did not think it was efficient enough for all three of them so I brought this cat activity centre below for them:

Large cat scratching post

At night one of them sleeps in one of the top beds and the other two in each one of the sleep boxes. Saying that they sleep a lot on it during the day as well! They also love to play with the ropes and run up and down the ladders after each other.  And with three cats it is a much more stable. Here are a few pictures of my cats enjoying their large cat scratching post:

Large cat scratching post  Large cat scratching post  Large cat scratching post

There is also this large cat scratching post that I almost brought but I had to make a decision and went for the one above but it still looks absolutley amazing and i trust it would be great as it can be brought from the same people I got the above one from:

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